With the Covid-19 pandemic being on everyone’s mind lately, The Yonge & St. Clair Tanning Spa has made the following POLICY changes to ensure maximum safety for everyone when we reopen:

  1. We will be running by appointment only. We will allow 5 appointments at a time (1 person in each level).  We will require a full 10 minutes to DISINFECT the rooms & beds for the next person to use. No back to back sessions on any beds will be allowed. Disinfecting has always been our priority.  With COVID-19 we have stepped it up for everyone’s safety.
  2. Arrive for your appointment alone and on time as there is no longer a waiting area.
  3. No Pets Allowed (sorry furry guys. I will miss you hanging beside my desk)
  4. As of July 27th 2020 City council has voted to make masks MANDATORY indoors. From this Date on, NO MASK NO SERVICE. Sorry! Any type of Face covering will be permitted.
  5. All Clients will be screened over the phone and in person. If you are experiencing any sort of illness, we kindly ask you to avoid making an appointment. We ask everyone to respect this rule and think of others.
  6. We will be asking certain questions via Toronto Public Health as well as taking everyone’s Temperature upon arrival. Should you have a fever we will refuse entry.
  7. Eye Wear will no longer be provided. Mandatory purchase FROM US, will be required to tan. No Goggles No Tan.
  8. All members NEW and Existing will be required to use our Complimentary Sanitizer upon entry.
  9. Our Front door will remain closed and will open for scheduled appointments. 
  10. Walk ins are still welcomed but subject to availability. No waiting will be permitted in the salon.
  11. We will no longer be Storing Clients Lotions or packets. Those who have one with us now, will be asked to take it with them.
  12. Washroom will be temporarily out of service.
  13. We will no longer be providing facial wipes, deodorant, hair spray, perfume and water.
  14. To All NEW CLIENTS, we ask you to arrive 5 min prior to your appointment so you could fill out the waiver form. We will go through the Smart Tan Skin Type System over the phone.
  15. We will be running on Temporary Hours (To be determined)

**Please Note that some of these Policies may change and more may be added**

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