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Our TT – 55 Beam Up

With a max exposure time of 10-minutes, this stand up booth was custom built. In addition, it was engineered for clients who demand the best. Furthermore, it features 55 200 Watt lamps with a 650 watt Unique floor mounted leg tanner.  To sum it up, the TT-55 delivers a beautiful, even, full body tan in a 10-min maximum session. Moreover, it was built for tanners who insist on having the best. Lastly, The TT-55 Beam Up was engineered to provide a flowing, open-air tanning environment which easily accommodates all clients!

Average Session = 7 Min

Our M-52

Since, it’s one of only 3 beds ever built to its specs in the world, we are ecstatic to offer our clients this unique piece of equipment. In addition, the M-52 features the world famous Tanses 200 Watt, 52 Lamp configuration with 4 650 Watt facials. Furthermore, having a maximum exposure time of 10 minutes, it was engineered for comfort and long lasting results. 
Moreover, a high bench design makes for easy user entry and exit. With a extra wide body, it also makes for better coverage and space. The M-52 certainly delivers an amazing full body tan in a 10 min maximum session. 

Average Session = 8 Min


The Corona by Tanses has a max exposure time of 15 minutes. Engineered to provide clients with results in mind, the Corona is equipped with 35 body lamps and 650 watt high-pressure facial. Loaded with tanning power, the Corona keeps clients cool and comfortable. The Corona features an extra wide body for better total coverage, side and built in cooling fans and a high bench design for easy user entry and exit. These key features deliver an amazing, comfortable full body tan, in a 15 min exposure schedule!

Average Session = 10 min

Convex 360 High Pressure

Being the only Convex 360 degree high pressure system in Toronto, we are thrilled to offer it at our Sun Tanning Studio. The Convex features,  39 650 Watt High-Pressure lamps with a maximum session of 10 minutes. The Convex 360 is considered to be a true UVA bed (Approximately 99% UVA to 1% UVB).  It is our best and highest quality tanning bed which has been a client favorite for many years. A base tan can be achieved in 3 sessions in addition, making it the absolute fastest way to get a natural, golden brown glow.

Average Session = 8 Min

For more information on this tanning bed, click About High Pressure

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